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This Home Page was last updated Thursday, January 20, 2005

Totaler Krieg! News:

Where they're playing TK

Totaler Krieg! is being played in the open gaming areas of the World Boardgame Conference and will be featured at DragonCon.

Revised TK2 Playtest Kit Available Soon!

After six months of playtesting and pounding on the last playtest kit, this latest offering, dubbed 'v2,' is ready to rock and roll. You'll find a lot of streamlining in most places, a new 'natural surrender' model for Britain and Russia, and revised orders of battle for many countries. Can't wait to see it? Click here.

[This from Decision Games]


We have identified the problem with the card collation in the TK! reprint copies that people are asking about. The Western Allied group has 9 duplicated cards. The half sheet that was printed two up (one whole sheet) was not cut before the printer collated. So there are 9 duplicated cards in that set.

So, no one needs to panic. No one is getting gypped or missing any cards in their new copy of Totaler Krieg!. What's happening is that they're getting extra (albeit duplicate) cards that they should simply ignore.

Thanks, Callie

TK! uses two, full-size 22" x 34" maps, featuring beautiful Joe Youst graphics.

TK! is back in print!

That's right, Decision Games has finally reprinted Totaler Krieg!. Be sure to contact them directly to order a copy at or check with your local game store. 

Want to see Alan's new Game Room? Ready for some TK! up in "The Eagle's Nest?" Then click here and check out some of the action on this new game room's opening day. Updated 9/3/00.

Click here for an enlargement of this picture.Hey, the 100th issues of MOVES is out, and guess what game is featured on the cover?

Click here for an enlarged picture.The TK! Players Guide is 92 pages crammed with great material. Decision Games just started shipping it in early September, 2000. For more information on the Totaler Krieg! Players Guide, click here and check it out. If you'd like to order a copy, go to the Totaler Krieg! web page at the Decision Games web site by clicking here. It will be release to distributors (and thence to your local gaming store) in November, 2000.

A new section has been added to this web site. The Play TK! With Us link takes you where you can find opponents for face-to-face and play-by-email play, as well as listings of clubs, conventions (past and future), and all the skinny on TK! play-by-email (PBEM) kits. Click here to check it out.

Recently added to the Downloads page is an MS Word .doc file with illustrations showing the Totaler Krieg! counter manifest. For all you people who suspect you've lost a counter, here's your chance to investigate.

New in the Other PBEM section is a Microsoft Power Point PBEM kit for Totaler Krieg!. Thomas Prowell says it looks great and gives you a handy reference to consult at the office (just don't let the boss see it!) To cut right to it, click here.

The TK! Aide de Camp 2 kit is now shipping from Decision Games. If you want a sneak peek at the graphics and find out the ordering information, click here.

More Totaler Krieg! game replays can now be accessed in the Articles section of this web site. You can just click here to cut right to them.

FunAgain2.jpg (22178 bytes)Where you should buy all your games on the Internet is from Funagain Games. They're my one-stop source for all my Euro games, and now they carry wargames. If you want to cut to the chase and order a copy of Totaler Krieg! right now, just click here. You can even post your own mini-review of Totaler Krieg! there for other possible purchasers to ponder, if you like! (Hey, I'd appreciate it if you would at least zap on over there and post your own mini-review.)

Let me tell you about Funagain games. Not only have I always gotten great prices and service from them (as you'll soon discover), their game counselors have listened to me describe my tastes in games and have made several excellent recommendations. Face it, anyone who can sell me games for groups as divergent as my gaming buddies, my wife, and our 6-year old daughter can enjoy with me is okay in my book (we're still cracking up playing Carabande). I like them so much I volunteered to be an 'associate' and spread the word about their good service and prices. Clink on their logo and give them a try.

You must visit ConsimWorld. It's the best site for wargaming.The best discussions of this (and any other wargame) are always found at ConsimWorld. You'll see a list of links in the left margin. Under "Community," select the Discussion Board link. After you log in (there's no fee or anything to join), select Boardgaming / Individual Game or Series Discussion / Era: World War II Individual Game / Global or Multi-Front. On that list will be the Totaler Krieg! discussion board where the designers and expert players of the game will be happy to answer your questions.

Lessons From Totaler Krieg!

[Sal] Vasta's Law #1: Just because I've played a lot and know what to do, doesn't mean I win a lot. Because, in the end, I still have to roll dice.

Vasta's Law #2: It doesn't matter what the game situation is; it never goes easy for me.

Vasta's Law #3: Despite the actual odds, the chance of me rolling something bad is always at least 50%. And whatever is left over is the chance of me rolling something disastrous.