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Chairman & Founder
Rodger B. MacGowan
Executive Directors
Alan Emrich
Forrest Atterberry
John Kranz

Allan J. Rothberg

Special Advisors
James F. Dunnigan
Charles S. Roberts

Wargaming Research

Etloh Technologies
Web Grognards
Rick Heli

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The von Clausewitz Award Winners

The Charles S. Roberts Awards Hall of Fame is named after legendary military writer Karl von Clausewitz, whose great unfinished masterpiece, On War, still serves as the definitive tome when referencing military strategy. Like him, the winners of this award have made their important contribution and left their mark on military strategy games and simulations. For their great contributions, they have earned their place in the Pantheon of our hobby greats.

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME

1974 Charles S. Roberts
1975 James F. Dunnigan
1976 Tom Shaw
1977 Redmond Simonsen
1978 John Hill
1979 Davis Isby

1980 E Gary Gygax
1981 Marc W Miller
1982 Steve Jackson
1983 Dave Arneson
1984 Frank Chadwick
1986 Lou Zocchi
1987 Richard Berg
1988 Ty Bomba
1989 Joseph Balkoski

1990 Jack Greene
1991 Mark Herman
1992 Larry Hoffman
1993 Dean Essig
1994 Don Greenwood
1995 Chris Perello
1996 Ted Raicer
1997 Dave Powell
1998 Vance von Borries
1999 Gene Billingsley
2000 Winston Hamilton
2001 Joseph Miranda
2002 Mark Simonitch
2003 Kevin Zucker
2004 JD Webster
2009 John Butterfield
2010 Richard Borg
2011 Ed Wimble
2012 Brian Youse

Note: Chairman and founder, Rodger B. MacGowan, and Executive Directors Alan Emrich, Forrest Atterberry, John Kranz, and Allan J. Rothberg, are not eligible for this award.