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The Awards Story

The nominees were announced at ConSimWorld's MonsterGame.Con. The CSR Award winners were presented at 8 am, Sunday, August 7th 2005, in the Lancaster Showroom at the 2005 World Boardgaming Championships.

Sword of RomeBest Pre-World War II Boardgame
A Fearful Slaughter (MMP/The Gamers)
Seven Days of 1809 (OSG)
Sword of Rome (GMT Games LLC)
Three Battles of Manassas (MMP/The Gamers)


Best World War II Boardgame
ASL Starter Kit #1 (MMP)
Memoir '44 (Days of Wonder)
Roads to Leningrad (GMT Games LLC)

DowntownBest Modern Era Boardgame
Downtown (GMT Games LLC)
Group of Soviet Forces Germany (Strategy & Tactics/Decision)
Into a Bear Trap (Against The Odds)



Best Magazine-Published Boardgame
Fortress Berlin (Against The Odds)
Group of Soviet Forces Germany (Strategy & Tactics/Decision)
Suleiman the Magnificent (Against The Odds)

Best Desk Top Published (DTP)-Produced Boardgame
Louisiana Tigers (BSO Games)
Verdun (Cool Stuff Unlimited)
I Fights Mit Sigel (HomeGrown Designs)
Fall of Tobruk (Cool Stuff Unlimited)

DowntownBest Wargame Graphics
Downtown (GMT Games LLC)
Roads to Leningrad (GMT Games LLC)
Seven Days of 1809 (OSG)



Against the Odds magazine #4Best Professional Wargame Magazine (tie)
Against The Odds
Paper Wars (Omega Games)
Strategy & Tactics (Decision Games)



Best Amateur Wargame Magazine
The Boardgamer (Bruce Monnin)
Line of Departure
Panzerschreck (Minden Games)

Best Game Review or Game Analysis
no winner designated

Best Historical or Scenario Article
The Canadian Army by Brian Train (Strategy & Tactics)
The Sedan Campaign, 1870 by Ty Bomba (Strategy & Tactics)

James F. Dunnigan Award
To a Game Designer, Developer, Graphic Artist or Game for outstanding achievement

Lee Brimmicombe Wood, Designer, Downtown (GMT Games LLC)
Mark Simonitch for graphic design excellence (GMT Games LLC)
Wray Ferrel, Designer, Sword of Rome (GMT Games LLC)

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME
JD Webster

Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Battleground Gettysburg (HPS Simulations)
Dragoon (Shrapnel Games)
Rome Total War (Activision)

Best 20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Battles in Normandy (Matrix Games)
War in the Pacific (Matrix Games)
Hearts of Iron II (Paradox Interactive)

= Awarded Best in that Category; when more than one is awarded in a category, the result was a statistical tie.

Board wargames published in 2004

bulletAd Astra
bulletAttack Vector Tactical
bulletAlea magazine (Ludopress)
bullet#29: Nordkapp: Arctic convoys
bulletAgainst the Odds magazine (ATO)
bullet#7: A Dark and Bloody Ground
bullet#8: Fortress Berlin
bullet#9: Suleiman the Magnificent
bullet#10: Into a Bear Trap
bulletArmchair General Magazine
bullet#1: Operation Iraqi Freedom (free web game)
bullet#2: Lee at Gettysburg
bullet#3: Omaha: Battle for the Beach
bullet#4: Brothers by my Side
bullet#5: Guildford Courthouse
bullet#6: [no game]
bulletAustralian Design Group
bullet7 Ages
bulletDays of Decision III (reprint)
bulletCruiser Warfare (in the Great War at Sea series)
bulletDefiant Russia: Operation Barbarossa, 1941
bulletDesert Rats (in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletDreadnoughts (scenario book)
bulletTears of the Dragon
bulletAusterlitz (in Vive l'Empereur series)
bulletBro Games
bulletThe Cossacks are Coming! (reprint)
bulletLouisiana Tigers (in the Civil War Tactical System)
bulletClash of Arms
bulletBarons' War
bulletDawn of the Rising Sun (in the Fear God and Dread Nought series)
bulletCool Stuff Unlimited
bulletFall of Tobruk (reprint)
bulletVerdun (reprint)
bulletLou Coatney
bulletStalingrad Attacked (free web game)
bulletColumbia Games
bulletGettysburg: Badges of Courage
bulletRommel in the Desert (reprint)
bulletCommand and Strategy magazine (UGG)
bullet#1: Pearl Harbor (part 1, in Empires of the Apocalypse series)
bulletCounterattack magazine (Pacific Rim Publishing)
bullet#4.1: Korea 2005 (expansion for Korea '95)
bulletCritical Hit
bulletBasic Game - Infantry (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletCombat! Kursk, Clash Along the Psel (update of Combat: Kursk!, in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletD-Day: The Great Crusade
bulletDarkest December: Battle of the Bulge 1944 (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletPanther Line (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletRudder's Line
bulletSanta Maria Infante (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletStalingrad (update of Combat: Stalingrad, in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletTankers Guide (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletDays of Wonder
bulletMemoir '44
bulletDecision Games
bulletDeluxe USN (updated ed.)
bulletEmpires of the Middle Ages (reprint)
bulletLightning D-Day
bulletLightning Midway
bulletWar Between the States, 1861-1865 (reprint)
bulletExcalibre Games
bulletDeluxe Trajan (reprint)
bulletKaiserschlacht 1918 (reprint)
bulletTo the Green Fields Beyond (reprint)
bulletFanatic Games (all Advanced Squad Leader add-ons)
bulletLeningrad Pack Scenario Pack
bulletFrench AFV Cards
bulletItalian AFV Cards
bulletChinese AFV Cards
bulletBlitzkrieg Pack
bulletFantasy Flight Games
bulletA Clash of Kings (expansion for Game of Thrones)
bulletWar of the Ring
bulletFiery Dragon
bulletArriba Espana (reprint)
bulletAutumn Mist
bulletBattle for China (reprint)
bulletFlying Buffalo
bulletWMD (expansion for Nuclear War)
bulletFranc Tireur (all Advanced Squad Leader add-ons)
bullet# 8:Normandy
bulletFrom the Cellar scenario pack
bulletGio Games
bulletWar to Axis: Warfare in Normandy
bulletYankees & Rebels
bulletBorodino, Battle of the Moskova, 1812 (in the Triumph & Glory series)
bulletThe Devil's Horsemen (in the Great Battles of History series)
bulletChurubusco (free web game, uses Gringo! game system)
bulletPaths of Glory (reprint)
bulletRoads to Leningrad
bulletSword of Rome
bulletThree Days of Gettysburg (in the Great Battles of the American Civil War series, reprint)
bulletGrenier Games
bulletWorld War II in the East
bulletWorld War II in the West
bulletAxis & Allies (revised ed.)
bulletAxis & Allies: D-Day
bulletChester Hendrix
bulletFirst Blood: the Gaudalcanal Campaign (free web game, reprint)
bulletHome Grown Designs
bulletI Fights Mit Sigel (in the Rebel Yell series)
bulletKhyber Pass
bulletBattle of Maiwand
bulletCastro: The Cuban Revolution, 1958-59
bulletChe: Failed Revolution, Bolivia 1967
bulletL2 Design Group
bulletDeluxe Bitter Woods Expansion Kit
bulletRussia Besieged
bulletSouthern Expansion Kit (for The Russian Campaign)
bulletLost Battalion
bulletBattleships in Action
bulletCombat Soldiers: In the Battle of the Bulge
bulletStalingrad Campaign Upper Echelon Set
bulletMicrogame Design Group
bulletByzantium Reborn
bulletTarget Damascus (free web game, scenario for No Middle Ground)
bulletAdvanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #1 (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletDAK2 (in the Operational Combat series, reprint)
bulletA Fearful Slaughter (in the Civil War Regimental series)
bulletThree Battles of Manassas (in the Civil War Brigade series, based on August Fury)
bulletDubious Designs (free web games)
bulletArmies at Lutzen
bulletCastles of Steel
bulletNaval Warfare Simulations Wargames
bulletBattleships Zenith
bulletWorld War One Expansion Pack #1: Tsushima
bulletWings of War: Famous Aces
bulletPerry Moore
bullet200 Miles from Moscow!
bulletBir Buyuk Turk Saldiri
bulletOperation Eisbar 1943
bulletThe Seven Days of 1809 (in the Six Days of Glory series)
bulletPanzerschreck magazine (Minden Games)
bullet#12: Drive on Leningrad/Masada/Invasion
bullet#13: Tsaritsyn/Assault On Cherbourg/Graf Spee
bulletPhalanx Games
bulletDer Erste Weltkrieg
bulletNaval Battles
bulletRevolution: the Dutch Revolt (limited ed.)
bulletPinnacle Games
bulletFields Of Honour: the American War of Independence
bulletRagnar Brothers
bulletViking Fury
bulletRed Sash Games
bulletCharlies' Year (revised ed)
bulletThe Highland Quorum (module for Charlie's Year)
bulletSchutze Games
bulletShrapnel Games
bulletANZAC Attack
bulletShroeder Games
bulletThe Western Front: 1914-1918 (in the Der Weltkrieg series)
bulletSix Angles
bullet#9: War for the Motherland
bulletStrategy and Tactics
bullet#220: Group of Soviet Forces Germany
bullet#221: The Seven Years World War
bullet#222: The Ottomans
bullet#223: 1918: Imperial Germany's Last Chance
bullet#224: The Sedan Campaign
bullet#225: Twilight's Last Gleaming 2
bullet#226: Middle East Battles
bulletVae Victis magazine (Histoire et Collections)
bullet#55: Solferino 1859
bullet#56: Semper Victor
bullet#57: D-Day 1944
bullet#58: Austerlitz 1805
bullet#59: Alsace 1944
bullet#60: Pour Dieu et pour le Roy
bulletStruggle of Empires
bulletWorthington Games
bulletVictoria Cross: The Battle of Rorke's Drift

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