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The Awards Story

The Charles S. Roberts Awards were announced at MonsterGame.Con in Tempe, AZ in June or 2006 and presented at the World Boardgaming Championships.

Best Pre-World War II Boardgame
Bonaparte at Marengo (Simmons Games)
Crusader Rex (Columbia Games)
Flying Colors (GMT Games LLC)
Triumph of Chaos (Clash of Arms)
Under the Lily Banners (GMT Games LLC)

Empire of the SunBest World War II Boardgame
ASL Starter Kit #2 (MMP)
Empire of the Sun (GMT Games LLC)
Fire in the Sky (MMP/The Gamers)
Silent War (Compass Games)
The Mighty Endeavor (MMP/The Gamers)


Twilight StruggleBest Modern Era Boardgame
Crossfire Hurricane (Firefight Games)
Hornet Leader II (Dan Verrsen Games)
Lightning War on Terror (Decision Games)
Twilight Struggle (GMT Games LLC)
Warplan Dropshot: Endgames (Schutze Games)


Against the Odds magazine #12Best Magazine-Published Boardgame
Bittereinder (Against The Odds #13)
Chennault's First Fight (Against The Odds #12)
The Big Push (Against The Odds #11)
The Old Contemptibles (Strategy & Tactics #228/DG)
Vinegar Joe's War (Strategy & Tactics #227/DG)


Best Desk Top Published (DTP)-Produced Boardgame
Carolina Rebels (BSO Games)
Death in the Trenches (Schutze Games)
Deguello at Dawn (Khyber Pass Games)
Sun of York (Relative Range)
Turning Point (BSO Games)

Empire of the SunBest Wargame Graphics (tie)
Chennault's First Fight (Against the Odds #12)
Empire of the Sun (GMT Games LLC)
Fire in the Sky (MMP/The Gamers)
Four Lost Battles (OSG)
Silent War (Compass Games)
Triumph of Chaos (Clash of Arms)


Against the Odds magazine #12Best Professional Wargame Magazine
Against The Odds
C3i Magazine (RBM Studio)
Operations (MMP/The Gamers)
Strategy & Tactics (Decision Games)
Vae Victis

Best Amateur Wargame Magazine
The Boardgamer (Bruce Monnin)
Line of Departure (James Werbaneth)
Panzerschreck (Gary Graber, Minden Games) Panzerschreck, effective 2006 CSR Awards, will be classified as a Professional Magazine.

Best Game Review or Game Analysis
Bonaparte at Marengo, Matthew Kirschenbaum (Paper Wars #60)
Empire of the Sun Strategy Concepts, Mark Herman (C3i #17)
La Grande Guerre, Adam Starkweather (Paper Wars #58)
My Philosophy Behind the Card Driven Game System, Mark Herman (C3i #17)
Rise of the Roman Republic, Steven A. Carey (C3i #16)
Sweden Fights On, Mark Kaczmarek (C3i #17)

C3i magazine #17Best Historical or Scenario Article
Honorable Mention (no winner declared)
Battle of Cheriton, 1644 - New Battle Module for This Accursed Civil War, Ben Hull (C3i #17)
Khan: The Rise of the Mongol Empire, Joseph Miranda (Strategy & Tactics #229)
Lest Darkness Fall: Rome in Crisis, AD 235-285, Ty Bomba (Strategy & Tactics #234)
Operation Downfall & Allied Airpower, Brian Todd Carey (Strategy & Tactics #230)
Strategy Concepts in Empire of the Sun, Mark Herman (C3i #17)
The Big Push, Roger C. Nord (Against the Odds #11)

James F. Dunnigan Award
Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews, Designers, Twilight Struggle (GMT Games LLC)
Bowen Simmons, Designer, Bonaparte at Marengo (Simmons Games)
Craig Grando, Graphic Artist, Against the Odds magazine
Mark Herman, Designer, Empire of the Sun (GMT Games LLC)
Brien Miller, Designer, Silent War (Compass Games)

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME
The 2005 CSR Awards did not declare an inductee for the Clausewitz Hall of Fame

Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Crown of Glory (Matrix Games)
Horse & Musket 2: Prussia's Glory (Shrapnel Games)
Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar (Matrix Games)
Campaign Waterloo (HPS Siimulations)

Best 20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Honorable Mention (no winner declared)
Gary Grigsby's World At War (Matrix Games)
War Plan Orange: Dreadnoughts in the Pacific 1922-1930 (Matrix Games)
Flashpoint Germany (Matrix Games)

= Awarded Best in that Category; when more than one is awarded in a category, the result was a statistical tie.

Board wargames published in 2005

bullet Alea magazine (Ludopress)
bullet#30: Donde No se Ponía el Sol: Los Tercios, 1490-1690
bullet Against the Odds magazine (ATO)
bullet#11: The Big Push
bullet#12: Chennault's First Fight
bullet#13: Bittereinder (remake)
bullet#14: War in the Aegean/Narvik 1940 (remakes)
bullet ASL Oktoberfest
bulletASLOK (ASL Oktoberfest) XX Anniversary Scenario Pack (Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet Avalanche
bulletAlsace 1945
bulletBeyond Normandy (in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletBomb Alley (in the Second World War at Sea series, reprint)
bulletGazala 1942
bulletLeyte Gulf
bulletPanzer Grenadier: Eastern Front Deluxe Edition (reprint)
bulletRed God of War: The Soviet Operation Mars, 1942
bulletSoldier Raj
bulletStrike South (in the Second World War at Sea series)
bullet Bayonet Games
bulletWarfighter 101: Movement to Contact
bulletCarolina Rebels
bulletTurning Point
bulletZama: Hannibal vs Scipio, 202 B.C.
bullet Canons en Carton
bulletAlésia 52 B.C
bulletDürrenstein and Schöngraben 1805 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletHaslach and Elchingen 1805 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bullet Clash of Arms
bulletLa Bataille de les Quatre Bras (in the La Bataille series, reprint)
bulletLobositz (in the Battles from the Age of Reason series)
bulletThe Med (in theStruggle for Europe series)
bulletTriumph of Chaos
bullet Columbia Games
bulletCrusader Rex
bulletHammer of the Scots (reprint)
bullet Command and Strategy magazine (UGG)
bullet#2: Pearl Harbor/Tank Action
bullet#3: Pearl Harbor/Operation Kadesh: the Suez crisis 1956
bullet#4: Pearl Harbor/Comrade Koba
bullet Compass Games
bulletBitter End (reprint)
bulletSilent War
bulletCool Stuff Unlimited
bulletDoro Nawa (reprint)
bullet Critical Hit
bulletBasic Game 1a: Screaming Eagles (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletBasic Game 2: Streets of Stalingrad (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletBlood and Iron (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletDevils in the Woods (scenario/map pack,Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bulletHero Pax #3 (scenario pack, Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bulletSemper Fi (in the Advanced Tobruk System)
bulletSudden Full Contact (scenario/map pack, Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bulletStalin’s Fury (scenario/map pack, Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bulletTorch to Tunisia (expansion pack for the Advanced Tobruk System)
bullet Days of Wonder
bulletMemoir'44 Expansion Pack: Eastern Front
bulletMemoir'44 Expansion Pack: Terrain pack
bulletMemoir'44 Expansion Pack: Winter/Desert map
bullet Decision Games
bulletLightning War on Terror
bulletWacht am Rhein II (update)
bullet Mike DeSanto
bulletThe Battle of Brandywine Creek (free game)
bulletThe Battle of Germantown (free game)
bullet Dubious Games
bulletKhan of Khans (free game, expansion for Chevauchee)
bullet Eagle Games
bulletConquest of the Empire
bulletEast Side Gamers
bulletDezign Pak I (scenario pack, Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet Fanatic Enterprises
bulletBarbarossa North Scenario Pack (Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bulletLuzon Scenario Pack (Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet Fiery Dragon
bulletFinal Frontier (reprint)
bulletFreikorps (reprint)
bulletMarcher Lords (reprint)
bullet Firefight Games
bulletCrossfire Hurricane: the Battle of Long Tan
bulletEastern Operation: Japan's Conquest of Hawaii
bulletHitler's Stalingrad: the Battle of Breslau
bullet Franc Tireur
bulletFrom the Cellar Scenario Pack (Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet Friendly Fire
bulletFriendly Fire I Scenario Pack (Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet GMT Games
bulletAlesia (in the Great Battles of History series)
bulletEmpire of the Sun
bulletFlying Colors
bulletGrand Illusion
bulletManifest Destiny
bulletMen of Iron
bulletSavannah (in the American Revolutionary War series)
bulletTwilight Struggle
bulletUnder the Lily Banners
bullet Grenier Games
bulletDistant Foreign Fields: The Great War 1914-1918
bullet Guild of Blades
bulletAfrica 1483
bulletAfrican 30 Years War: Chad vs Libya
bulletBattle of Thermopylae
bulletCoral Sea
bulletFallen Blackhawk: Somalia
bulletNitrate War
bulletPantheons: War of the Mythos
bulletRamsses' War: Egypt vs the Hittites
bullet Hasbro
bulletMonsters Menace America (update of Monsters Ravage America)
bulletNexus Ops
bullet Heat of Battle
bulletFirefights II (scenario/map pack, Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet HMS/GRD
bulletWavell's War (expansion for War in the Desert and Balkan Front)
bullet Informic Games
bulletTurn or burn (free game)
bullet Khyber Pass Games
bulletDeguelo at Dawn
bullet Lone Canuck Publishing
bullet7th SS Gerbirgsdivision Prinz Eugen (scenario pack, Advanced Squad Leader compatible)
bullet Lost Battalion Games
bulletSergeants! in the Sand (in the Sergeants! series)
bullet Matrix Games
bulletLock and Load: Band of Heroes
bullet Minden Games
bulletBattleships at War
bullet MMP
bulletAdvanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #2 - Guns! (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletBeyond Valor (in the Advanced Squad Leader series, reprint)
bulletBloody Ridge (in the Tactical Combat Series)
bulletFire in the Sky
bulletThe Mighty Endeavor (in the Standard Combat series)
bulletTarget Arnhem: Across 6 Bridges
bullet Perry Moore
bulletDie Angelschlacht (update of The Vital Ground)
bulletPanzerschlacht: Blood and Armor on the Hungarian Plains, Oct. 1944
bulletSlim River: Armor Breakthrough in Malaysia
bullet Matthew Nadelhaft
bulletOh No, There Goes Tokyo! (free game)
bullet Naval Warfare Simulations
bulletNights of Fury - Guadalcanal Naval Battles
bulletWings of War: Burning Drachens
bulletWings of War: Watch your Back
bullet OSG
bulletFour Lost Battles
bullet Panzerschreck magazine (Minden Games)
bullet#14: Race For The Vistula/Brandy Station/The Mighty Hood
bullet Brian Peterson
bulletRemember the Alamo (free game)
bullet Phalanx Games
bulletThe First World War (English language edition)
bullet Pratzen Editions
bulletLe Vol de l'Aigle
bullet Red Sash Games
bulletSport of Kings (in the Lace Wars series)
bullet Relative Range
bulletSun of York
bullet Schutze Games
bulletDeath in the Trenches
bulletWarplan Dropshot: Endgames
bullet Sierra Madre Games
bulletAirships at War, 1914-1941 (reprint)
bullet Simmons Games
bulletBonaparte at Marengo
bullet Strategy and Tactics magazine (Decision Games)
bullet#227: Vinegar Joe's War
bullet#228: The Old Contemptibles
bullet#229: Khan: The Rise Of The Mongol Empire, A.D. 1206 - 1295
bullet#230: Downfall: If the US Invaded Japan, 1945
bullet#231: French & Indian War
bullet#232: Catherine the Great Solitaire
bullet#233: Dagger Thrust: Patton or Montgomery, September 1944
bullet UGG
bulletAssyrian Wars
bullet Vae Victis magazine (Histoire et Collections)
bullet#61: Ebre 1938
bullet#62: La Navas De Tolosa 1212
bullet#63: Blitzkrieg 1940
bullet#64: Austerlitz 1805 (Partie Nord)
bullet#65: Frederic II
bullet#66: WWII in Europe solitaire/Trojan War
bullet Dan Verssen Games
bulletCarrier Air Group (expansion set for Hornet Leader II)
bulletCorsair Leader
bulletDown in Flames WWI
bulletEarth Gone Mad
bulletElves Under Hoof
bulletHornet Leader II
bulletSpecial Forces
bulletStar Force Terra (reprint)
bullet West End Games
bulletJunta (reprint)
bullet Worthington Games
bulletClash for a Continent
bulletFor Honor And Glory
bullet Your Move Games
bulletBattleground: Fantsay Warfare

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