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The Awards Story

Once again, the "Charlies" were announced at MonsterGame.Con in Tempe, AZ and presented at the World Boardgaming Championships.

Here I StandBest Pre-World War II Boardgame
Commands & Colors: Ancients (GMT Games LLC)
Gustav: Adolf the Great (GMT Games LLC)
Here I Stand (GMT Games LLC)
Onward Christian Soldier (GMT Games LLC)
Pax Romana (GMT Games LLC)


Best World War II Boardgame
Afrika, 2nd Edition (Multi-Man Publishing)
A Victory Lost (Multi-Man Publishing)
The Burning Blue (GMT Games LLC)
Combat Commander: Europe (GMT Games LLC)
Shifting Sands (Multi-Man Publishing)

Best Post-WWII Era Boardgame
Algeria (Fiery Dragon)
Cold War Battles: Budapest and Angola (S&T #235)
La vallée de la mort/Na San (ATO #16)
Tonkin 1950-54 (Vae Victis #70)
Winged Horse: Campaigns in Vietnam, 1965-66 (S&T #239)

Best Wargame Graphics
A Victory Lost (Multi-Man Publishing)
The Burning Blue (GMT Games LLC)
Combat Commander: Europe (GMT Games LLC)
Here I Stand (GMT Games LLC)
Napoleon at the Crossroads (Operational Studies Group)

Best Desk Top Published (DTP)-Produced Boardgame
A Master Stroke (Paul Rohrbaugh)
Battle for Galicia, 1914 (Oregon Consim Games)
Battle of the Little Bighorn (Khyber Pass Games)
Bitter Victory (BSO Games)
Quelques Arpents de Neige (Grenier Games)
Rommel at Gazala (Jim Werbaneth)

  • Against the Odds magazine #18Best Magazine-Published Boardgame
    Cactus Throne (Against the Odds #15)
    Cold War Battles: Budapest and Angola (S&T #235)
    ►Golden Horde: Kulikovo 1380 (Against the Odds #18)
    Imperial Sunset (Against the Odds #17)
    La Vallee de la Mort / Na San (Against the Odds #16)
    Winged Horse: Campaigns in Vietnam, 1965-66 (S&T 239)


    Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
    Not awarded this year.

    Best 20th Century Era Computer Wargame
    Not awarded this year.

    Best Game Review or Game Analysis
    Not awarded this year.

    Best Historical or Scenario Article
    Not awarded this year.

    James F. Dunnigan Award
    Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, The Burning Blue
    Niko Eskubi, Graphic Artist
    Chad Jensen, Combat Commander
    ►Tetsuya Nakamura & Adam Starkweather, A Victory Lost

    Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME
    Not awarded this year.

    Against the Odds magazine #18Best Professional Wargame Magazine
    ►Against the Odds
    C3I (GMT Games)
    Paper Wars (Omega)
    Strategy & Tactics (Decision)
    Vae Victis


    Best Amateur Wargame Magazine
    Dispatches from the Bunker
    ►Line of Departure (Jim Werbaneth)
    Simulacrum (John Kula)

    = Awarded Best in that Category; when more than one is awarded in a category, the result was a statistical tie.

    Board wargames published in 2006

    bulletAgainst the Odds magazine (ATO)
    bullet#15: Cactus Throne: the Mexican War of 1862-67
    bullet#16: La vallée de la mort/Na San
    bullet#17: Imperial Sunset
    bullet#18: Golden Horde (Kulikovo 1380)
    bulletAnnual Edition: Toppling the Reich
    bulletStand at Mortain (free game)
    bulletAlea magazine (Ludopress)
    bullet#31: Kursk 1943
    bulletHistory of War
    bulletAmarillo Design Bureau
    bulletRomulan Border
    bulletArmchair General Magazine
    bulletIsland War
    bulletThe Valley of Tears: 7th Brigade Stands Defiant
    bulletAirborne (entry game for the Panzer Grenadier series)
    bulletBismarck (in the Second World War at Sea series)
    bulletBitter Victory
    bulletBlue Division (in the Panzer Grenadier series, supplement)
    bulletJutland (in the Great War at Sea series)
    bulletLeyte Gulf (in the Second World War at Sea series, update)
    bulletRed Warriors (in the Panzer Grenadier series, supplement)
    bulletRoad to Berlin (in the Panzer Grenadier series)
    bulletStrange Defeat
    bulletThird Reich (reprint)
    bulletU.S. Navy Plan Gold (in the Great War at Sea series)
    bulletBayonet Games
    bulletThe Guards
    bulletManeuver Warrior
    bulletBlue Guidon Games
    bulletThe SS Abyss (reprint)
    bulletBitter Victory
    bulletCindo de Mayo
    bulletThe Ten Thousand
    bulletCanons en Carton
    bulletCastel Nuovo 1806 (in the Jours de Gloire game series)
    bulletEpées Royales (in the Au Fil de l'Epée series)
    bulletMaïda 1806 (in the Jours de Gloire game series)
    bulletMersa Matruh
    bulletClash of Arms
    bulletBaltic Arena (in the Command at Sea series)
    bulletEpic of the Peloponnesian War
    bulletColumbia Games
    bulletEastFront II
    bulletEuroFront II
    bulletWestFront II
    bulletCommand and Strategy magazine (UGG)
    bullet#5: Wings over Arras
    bulletCritical Hit
    bulletBerlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich
    bulletMannerheim's Cross (in the Advanced Tobruk series)
    bulletOosterbeek Perimeter (an expansion module for Arnhem: Defiant Stand)
    bulletDark City Games
    bulletSewers of Redpoint
    bulletVoid Station 57
    bulletDays of Wonder
    bulletMemoir'44 Expansion Pack: Pacific Theater
    bulletDecision Games
    bulletStations, Battle Stations!
    bulletLightning: North Africa
    bulletWar in the Pacific (2nd ed.)
    bulletDK Games
    bulletSolitaire Caesar
    bulletVietnam Solitaire
    bulletEuropa Simulazioni
    bulletAll is Lost Save Honour: the Italian Wars 1494-1530
    bulletFantasy Flight Games
    bulletBritannia (rev.ed.)
    bulletShattered Empires (expansion for Twilight Imperium 3rd edition)
    bulletA Storm of Swords (expansion for A Game of Thrones)
    bulletTwilight Imperium (3rd edition)
    bulletFiery Dragon
    bulletWarplan Crimson
    bulletFirefight Games
    bulletAssaulting Leros: Operation Leopard 12-16 Nov. 1943
    bulletBloodbath at the Sakarya: August 23-29, 1921
    bulletA Bloody Business: the battle for Hue
    bulletBreakout from the Crimea: campaing in the Russian Civil War, 1920
    bulletCritical Point: Fallujah 1941
    bulletCrossfire Hurricane: the battle of Long Tan, 1966
    bulletFor Bloody Honor!, Civil War Russkaya 1918-22
    bulletHeavy Panzers at Kursk
    bulletHitler's Stalingradthe battle for Breslau, Feb-May, 1945
    bulletNanawa: a battle in the Chaco War
    bulletOne Bold Move: the Battle for Tay Ninh 1968
    bulletResistance is Not Futile: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943
    bulletSlaughter & Carnage: Kursk 1943
    bulletGMT Games
    bulletThe Burning Blue
    bulletClash of Giants II
    bulletCombat Commander Vol. I: Europe
    bulletCommands and Colors: Ancients
    bulletThe Conquerors: Alexander the Great
    bulletGreece vs. The Eastern Kingdoms (expansion set for Commands and Colors: Ancients)
    bulletHere I Stand
    bulletGustav Adolf the Great (in the Musket & Pike Battles series)
    bulletMamluk (module for The Devil's Horsemen in the Great Battles of History series)
    bulletOnward Christian Soldiers
    bulletPax Romana
    bulletPrussia's Glory II
    bulletGrenier Games
    bulletQuelques Arpents de Neige
    bulletAxis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge
    bulletMarne 1918-Friedensturm
    bulletFriedrich (2nd ed.)
    bulletHome Grown Designs
    bulletNigel Hodge
    bulletVector V5 (free game)
    bulletKhyber Pass Games
    bulletBattle of the Little Bighorn
    bulletMike Kreuzer
    bulletPacific Crisis: a hypothetical Australian invasion of Fiji
    bulletL2 Design Group
    bulletBlood & Steel
    bulletLost Battalion Games
    bulletBattle: The American Civil War (reprint)
    bulletEnemy in Sight (reprint)
    bulletGalactic Expanse: Starship Battles
    bulletTask Forces at War
    bullet Ludopress
    bulletWith a Hundred Guns Broadside
    bulletMinden Games
    bulletAction Stations
    bulletAfrika (in the Standard Combat series)
    bulletArmies of Oblivion (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
    bulletBeyond Valor (in the Advanced Squad Leader series, reprint)
    bulletMontebello (expansion for Marengo)
    bulletShifting Sands
    bulletGuadalajara (in the Standard Combat series)
    bulletStrike them a Blow (in the Civil War Brigade Series)
    bulletA Victory Lost
    bulletPerry Moore
    bulletThe Dvina River Offensive: Final Blows in North Russia, August 1919
    bulletStellar Strike
    bulletViking Waves
    bulletOmega Games
    bulletLine of Battle
    bulletOregon Consim Games
    bulletBattle for Galicia, 1914
    bulletNapoleon at the Crossroads
    bulletPacific Rim Publishing
    bullet48th Panzer Korps, Battles on the River Chir
    bulletPanzerschreck magazine (Minden Games)
    bullet#15: Mortain 1944/Raid on Schweinfurt/North Sea Campaign/Hippodrome
    bulletPhalanx Games
    bulletPratzen Editions
    bulletLe Combat de l'Aigle
    bulletRed Sash Games
    bulletQueens' Gambit: the War of the Austrian Succession in Italy
    bulletPaul Rohrbaugh
    bulletA Master Stroke: The Battle for Meiktila, March 5-14, 1944 (free game)
    bulletStrategy and Tactics magazine (Decision Games)
    bullet#234: Lest Darkness Fall: Rome in Crisis, A.D. 235-285
    bullet#235: Cold War Battles (Budapest and Angola)
    bullet#236: They Died With Their Boots On: Custer's Last Stand and Quebec 1775
    bullet#237: No Prisoners: the campaigns of Lawrence of Arabia, 1915-18
    bullet#238: Marlborough: the War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-14
    bullet#239: Winged Horse: Campaigns in Vietnam, 1965-66
    bullet#240: 1066: The Battle of Hastings
    bulletVae Victis magazine (Histoire et Collections)
    bullet#67: Optimus Princeps
    bullet#68: La Fleur au Fusil/Camerone
    bullet#69: Feodalites/Operation Pedestal
    bullet#70: Tonkin 1950-54
    bullet#71: Jena 1806 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
    bullet#72: Korsun 1944
    bulletDan Verssen Games
    bulletCold War (expansion for Hornet Leader II)
    bulletDragons (in the Down in Flames series)
    bulletWar Storm Series
    bulletA las Barricadas!
    bulletJim Werbaneth
    bulletRommel at Gazala
    bulletWorthington Games
    bulletBlood of Noble Men: the Alamo
    bulletForged in Fire: The 1862 Peninsula Campaign and the Seven Days Battles

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