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The Awards Story

Once again, the "Charlies" were announced at MonsterGame.Con in Tempe, AZ and presented at the World Boardgaming Championships.

1914 Twilight in the EastBest Pre-World War II Boardgame
1914: Twilight in the East (GMT Games LLC)
A Fatal Attraction (Against the Odds)
Habit of Victory , The (OSG)
Talavera (MMP/The Gamers)
Marne 1918: Friedensturm (Hexasim)


Best World War II Boardgame
Asia Engulfed (GMT Games LLC)
Case Blue (MMP/The Gamers)
Combat Commander: Vol. II - Med (GMT Games LLC)
Corps Command: Totensonntag (Lock n' Load Publishing)
Overlord: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles (NES)
Red Star Rising (MMP/IGS)

Best Post-WWII Era Boardgame
Biafra (ATO 2007 Annual)
Jerusalem (Cool Stuff Unlimited)
Sea Lords (Strategy & Tactics #243)
World at War: Eisenbach Gap (Lock 'n Load Publishing)

1914 Twilight in the EastBest Wargame Graphics
1914: Twilight in the East (GMT Games LLC)
Case Blue (MMP/The Gamers)
Habit of Victory, The (OSG)
&Overlord: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles (NES)
Prussia's Defiant Stand (Worthington Games)
Red Star Rising (MMP/IGS)


Best Desk Top Published (DTP)-Produced Boardgame
Blackshirt (BSO Games)
Jerusalem (Cool Stuff Unlimited)
Prairie Aflame (Khyber Pass Games)
Rosebud: Prelude to Little Bighorn (Khyber Pass Games)

Against the Odds magazineBest Magazine-Published Boardgame
A Fatal Attraction (Against the Odds #20)
Look Away! (Against the Odds 2007 Annual)
Not War But Murder (Against the Odds #19)
Sea Lords (Strategy & Tactics #243/DG)
Twilight of the Ottomans (Strategy & Tactics #241/DG)


Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Empires in Arms (Matrix Games)

Best 20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Guns of August 1914-1918 (Matrix Games)

Against the Odds magazineBest Game Review or Game Analysis
Against the Odds #19: The Evolution of Cards and Wargames, by John Prados
C3I #19, Combat Commander: Briefing on Scenario 10, by Chad & Kai Jensen and John Foley
C3I #19, Combat Commander: Up Close and Personal, by John Foley
C3I #19, For the People: Opening Moves, by Mark Herman
Operations #52: A Victory Lost, Series Replay, by Pat Hirtle and Jon Gautier

Against the Odds magazineBest Historical or Scenario Article
&Against the Odds #19, Not War But Murder: The Cold Harbor Campaign - 1864, by Michael Rinella
Against the Odds #20, A Fatal Attraction: The Gallipoli Campaign, by Paul Rourbaugh
Against the Odds #20, Beating the Odds at Long Tan, by Mal Wright
Strategy & Tactics #244, Moscow 1941: Guderian vs. Hitler, by Joseph Miranda
Strategy & Tactics #245, Fall of France, 1940: Myths & Reality,=2 0by John Burtt

James F. Dunnigan Award
Craig Grando, Graphic Artist, Against the Odds magazine
Dean Essig, Designer, Case Blue and OCS series (MMP/The Gamers)
Chad Jensen, Designer, Combat Commander series (GMT Games LLC)
Bowen Simmons, Designer, Napoleon's Triumph (Simmons Games)
Rick Young, Designer, Asia Engulfed (GMT Games LLC)

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME
Not awarded this year.

Against the Odds magazineBest Professional Wargame Magazine
Against The Odds
C3i (RBM Studio)
Paper Wars (Omega Games)
Strategy & Tactics (Decision Games)
Vae Victis


Best Amateur Wargame Magazine
Frog of War Newsletter
Line of Departure (James Werbaneth)
Panzer Digest (Gary Graber, Minden Games)
Panzerschreck (Gary Graber, Minden Games)
Simualcrum (John Kula)

& = Awarded Best in that Category; when more than one is awarded in a category, the result was a statistical tie.

Board wargames published in 2007

bulletAgainst the Odds magazine (ATO)
bullet#19: Not War But Murder
bullet#20: A Fatal Attraction
bulletBiafra! (2007 Annual)
bulletLook Away! The Fall of Atlanta (2007 Annual)
bulletSome Poles Apart (pocket game)
bulletWintergewitter (2007 Campaign Study)
bulletAlea magazine (Ludopress)
bullet#32: Dios Patria y Rey
bulletArmchair General Magazine
bulletBrothers By My Side
bulletLee at Gettysburg
bulletOperation Iraqi Freedom
bulletAlaska's War (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletEast of Suez (in the Second World War at Sea series)
bulletEastern Fleet (in the Second World War at Sea series, reprint)
bulletEdelweiss Expanded Edition (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletFronte Russo (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletIron Curtain (in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletMediterranean (in the Great War at Sea Series, reprint)
bulletNapoleonic Battles: Austerlitz
bulletQueen of the Celts (in the Rome at War series)
bulletSea of Troubles (supplement inthe Great War at Sea series)
bulletSoldier Kings (reprint)
bulletSouth Africa's War (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletThey shall not pass
bulletTiger of Malaya
bulletWhite Eagles (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series).
bulletZeppelins (in the Great War at Sea series)
bullet#1: Hanba'al/Chinggis Khan/Zeppelin
bullet#2: Ma'alinti Rangers: Black Hawks Down/Tannenberg/Grunwald 1410: Downfall of the Teutonic Order
bulletBayonet Games
bulletStrike Force Hunter
bulletWarfighter 101: Maneuver Warrior
bulletBlackshirt, The Italian Invasion of Egypt, 1940
bulletRoger Campbell
bulletBrown Water Submarines
bulletCanons en Carton
bulletAuerstaedt 1806 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletFriedland 1807 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletSwords and Crown (in the Au fil de l'Epée series)
bulletSaalfeld 1806 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletSchleiz 1806 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletClash of Arms
bulletCampaigns of King David
bulletClose Action: Monsoon Seas
bulletTriumph of Chaos: Comrades' Guide (booklet)
bulletLou Coatney
bulletMoscow Defended!
bulletColumbia Games
bulletAthens & Sparta
bulletWizard Kings (2nd ed.)
bulletCompass Games
bulletRed Storm Over the Reich
bulletSilent War (reprint)
bulletCool Stuff Unlimited
bulletDoro Nawa (reprint)
bulletJerusalem (reprint)
bulletVerdun (reprint)
bulletCommand and Strategy magazine (UGG)
bullet#6: Operation Walküre
bulletCritical Hit
bulletAction at Carentan (scenario in the Squads & Leaders series)
bulletAdvanced Tobruk (3rd ed.)
bulletArnhem Master Set (2nd ed. of Arnhem-Defiant Stand and Oosterbeek Perimeter)
bulletArnheim Third Bridge (supplement compatible with Advanced Squad Leader. 2nd ed.)
bulletBattle For The High Ground (scenario pack for the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletBusting the Bocage (supplement compatible with Advanced Squad Leader, 3rd ed.)
bulletCSIR Nikitovka (in the Advanced Tobruk series).
bulletFacing the Blitz (maps/scenarios in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletGrossdeutschland at Stonne 1940 (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletHot Stove Pack (in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletParkers Crossroad (expansion for Darkest December in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletRoman Glory (supplement compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletSo Full of Fire (expansion in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletSudden Full Contact (compatible with Advanced Squad leader)
bulletStonne (in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletToktong Pass 1950 (in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletWarfighting Guide #1 (in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletThe Western Front 1944 (scenario pack for the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletWitches Cauldron (compatible with Advanced Squad leader)
bulletDays of Wonder
bulletMemoir '44 Air Pack (Memoir '44 Expansion Set)
bulletDecision Games
bulletLand Without End
bulletLuftwaffe (rev. ed.)
bulletNine Navies War
bulletStorm of Steel
bulletEspana 1936
bulletEdiciones Rotura
bullet1936 Guerra Civil (English ed.)
bulletKelly Everit
bulletImperial Ambitions
bulletFantasy Flight Games
bulletTide of Iron
bulletFirst Strike
bulletFiery Dragon
bulletAlgeria (reprint)
bulletBarnard's Star (reprint)
bulletByzantium Reborn (rev ed.)
bulletOperation Whirlwind (reprint)
bulletFirefight Games
bulletBlow by Blow: Pakistan Invades India, September 1965
bulletCossack Revenge: Denikin's Abyss, March 1920
bulletCrazy Horse, Black Shield, White Cloud
bulletHeroic Frenzy
bulletThe Koltov Corridor: Disaster at Brody (East Front), July 1944
bulletOne Bullet, One German
bulletOperation Fischfang: Smashing the Allies at Anzio, Feb. 1944
bulletOperation Westindien
bulletRemagen 1945
bulletStorm Over Taierzhuang: Samurai Stalingrad 1938
bulletVencr O Morir: Kundt's Pocket at Campo Via, Dec. 1933
bulletWicked Narrows: Rome's Disaster at Kalkreis, Sept. 9, 2 AD
bullet@games online
bulletWatchtower (in the Action Front! Series)
bulletGMT Games
bullet1914, Twilight in the East
bulletAsia Engulfed
bulletCombat Commander: Vol. II - Mediterranean
bulletCombat Commander Battle Pack #1: Paratroopers
bulletConquest of Paradise
bulletGergovia (module for Caesar: Conquest of Gaul)
bulletGlory III
bulletThe Great War in Europe (rev. ed of The Great War in Europe and The Great War in the Near East)
bulletMonmouth (in the American Revolutionary War series)
bulletRan (in the Great Battles of History series)
bulletRoman Civil Wars (expansion pack for Commands and Colors: Ancients)
bulletRome vs. The Barbarians (expansion pack for Commands and Colors: Ancients)
bulletSamurai (in the Great Battles of History series, reprint)
bulletSquadron Pack 2: Bombers (in the Down in Flames series)
bulletSword of Rome Expansion
bulletGrenier Games
bulletOperation Weserübung
bulletGuild of Blades
bulletThe American Revolution
bulletBattle of Thermopylae (2nd ed.)
bulletBeyond Hadrian's Wall (rev. ed.)
bulletThe War To End All Wars (3rd ed.)
bulletAxis & Allies: Guadalcanal
bulletMarne 1918-Friedensturm (English ed.)
bulletEric Hotz & Phil Hall
bulletBlue Max/Canvas Eagles
bulletDave Kershaw
bulletACW Solitaire
bulletKhyber Pass Games
bulletPrairie Aflame, The Northwest Rebellion, 1885
bulletRosebud: Prelude to Little Bighorn
bulletL2 Design Group
bulletWar at Sea (3rd ed.)
bulletWaterloo: Fate of France
bulletLittle Page of Games
bulletLock 'n Load Publishing
bulletBattle Pack Alpha (scenario pack for the Lock 'n Load series)
bulletCorps Command: Totensonntag
bulletIsland War Deluxe
bulletNot One Step Back
bulletOmaha Beach (reprint from Armchair General)
bulletSwift and Bold (expansion to Band of Heroes)
bulletValley of Tears (reprint from Armchair General)
bulletWorld at War: Eisenbach Gap
bulletLPD Games
bulletAcross the Wide Missouri
bulletBattle of Gettysburg
bulletBattle of Honey Springs
bulletGrant's Early Battles
bulletMinden Games
bulletBattleship Captain: Tactical Naval Combat, 1890-1945
bulletPacific Salvo!
bulletCase Blue (in the Operational Combat series)
bulletFew Returned (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletRed Star Rising, The War In Russia, 1941-1944
bulletStarter Kit #3 - Tanks (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletTalavera/Vimeiro (in the Napoleonic Brigade series)
bulletNew England Simulations
bulletOverlord: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles (expansion for The Killing Ground)
bullet1813: The Year That Doomed The Empire
bulletThe Habit of Victory
bulletOutpost 31
bulletThe thing
bullet Panzer Digest (Minden Games)
bullet#1: Falaise Pocket/Advanced Salvo! 1939-194/Penal Battalion/Longstreet's Disaster
bullet#2: Swordfish at Taranto/Field of Honour/The Evacuation of Konigsberg
bulletThe War Game: World War Two
bulletPerfect Captain
bulletSpanish Fury: Voyage

Pratzen Editions
bulletLe Grand Empire

bulletRed Sash Games
bulletTürkenkrieg: The Russo-Austro Turkish War, Balkan Theatre 1737-39
bulletRiachuelo Games
bulletMonte Castelo and Gothic Line
bulletRiachuelo's Naval Battle
bulletUnternehmung 25
bulletSchutze Games
bulletAleutian Campaign
bulletSands of Iwo Jima
bulletSierra Madre Games
bulletHow We Became Human
bulletLuiz Silva
bulletSimmons Games
bulletNapoleon's Triumph
bullet Strategos
bullet#2: Iwo Jima
bulletStrategy and Tactics magazine (Decision Games)
bullet#241: Twilight of the Ottomans: World War I in the Middle East
bullet#242: They Died With Their Boots On 2: Pershing and Mad Anthony
bullet#243: Sea Lords: The Vietnam War in the Mekong Delta
bullet#244: Drive on Moscow
bullet#245: The Triple Alliance War
bullet#246: Manila '45: Stalingrad of the Pacific
bullet#247: Holy Roman Empire: Wars of the Reformation, 1524-38
bulletStrikeNet Games
bulletThe Kaiser's Pirates
bulletTCS (Roberto Chiavini)
bulletEdgehill (reprint)
bulletFirst Newbury
bulletGliders from the Sky: the Fall of Eben Emael
bulletI Obey (reprint)
bulletInnocence lost (reprint)
bulletMontebello (reprint)
bulletPrussia Rising
bulletDave Townsend
bulletWings of the Baron
bulletRichard Trevino
bulletCharge at the Alamo
bulletVae Victis magazine
bullet#73: Magenta 1859/Reichshoffen 1870/St. Nazaire 1942
bullet#74: Ultimus Romanorum
bullet#75: Orel 1919/Incredible Armada
bullet#76: Les deux Bretagne (1341-1364)
bullet#77: Eylau 1807
bullet#78: La Bataille de Hongrie 1944-5/Otterburn
bulletValley Games
bulletHannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
bulletDan Verssen Games
bulletDown With The Empire
bulletMarine Air (expansion set for Hornet Leader II)
bulletWorld War I Bombers (a Down In Flames expansion)
bullet1630 Something (rev. ed.)
bulletWorthington Games
bulletCowboys: The Way of the Gun
bulletPrussia's Defiant Stand
bulletZ-Man Games
bulletDuel in the Dark

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