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The Awards Story

The "Charlies" were presented at the World Boardgaming Championships.

Best Pre-WW2 era Board Game
Espana 1936 (Devir)
Manoeuvre (GMT Games LLC)
Pursuit of Glory (GMT Games LLC)
Unhappy King Charles (GMT Games LLC)
Warriors of God (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)

Best World War 2 era Board Game
Combat Commander Pacific (GMT Games LLC)
Conflict of Heroes (Academy Games)
Storm Over Stalingrad (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)
The Devil's Cauldron (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)
Valor of the Guards (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)

Best Post-WW2 era Board Game
Birds of Prey (Ad Astra Games)
World at War: Death of the 1st Panzer (Lock n Load Publishing, LLC)
Fields of Fire (GMT Games LLC)
Day of Heroes (Lock n Load Publishing, LLC)
Red Dragon Rising: The Coming War with China (Decision Games)

Best Graphic Design
Conflict of Heroes (Academy Games)
Monmouth (GMT Games LLC)
The Devil's Cauldron, MMP (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)
Unhappy King Charles (GMT Games LLC)
Warriors of God (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)

Best Desktop Published (DTP) Game
Caesar XL (Victory Point Games)
First Strike (Schutze Games)
Israeli Independence (Victory Point Games)
June '44 (DDH Games)
No Retreat! (Victory Point Games)

Best Magazine Game
Cobra: The Normandy Campaign (Strategy & Tactics, Decision Games)
Guerra a Muerte (Against the Odds, LPS)
Day of the Chariot: Kadesh (Against the Odds, LPS)
Iwo Jima: Rage Against the Marines (Operations, MMP)
Red Dragon Rising: The Coming War with China (Strategy & Tactics, Decision Games)

Best Professional Game Magazine
Against the Odds (LPS)
C3i Magazine (RBM Publication)
Operations (Multi Man Publications, Inc.)
Strategy & Tactics (Decision Games)
World at War (Decision Games)

Best Amateur Game Magazine
Armchair General (The Weider History Group)
Dispatches from the Bunker (Vic Provost)
Line of Departure (Jim Werbaneth)
No Turkeys (Valgames)
Panzer Digest (Minden Games)

James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award
Uwe Eickert
Nicolas Eskubi
Chad Jensen
Nick Richardson
Adam Starkweather

Best Historical/Scenario Article
Combat Commander: Variant Rules by Chad Jensen and John Foley (C3i Magazine)
Flying Colors: Trafalgar Campaign by Mark Barker (C3i Magazine)
Making Waves by Brian Youse (Operations Magazine)
Throttling Up The Drums: The Luftwaffe & Operation Paukenschlag by J.D. Webster (Against the Odds, LPS)
Twilight Struggle: The Chinese Civil War by Jason Matthews (C3i Magazine)

Best Game Review or Analysis Article
Empire of the Sun: Opening Strateg y by Mark Herman (C3i Magazine)
Top 20 Games – A Look Back by Steve Carey (C3i Magazine)
Card Driven Games, A False Choice by Mark Herman (Against the Odds, LPS)
Keeping the Colonies Loyal by Andrew Mulholland (Against the Odds, LPS)

Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Not awarded this year

Best 20th Century Era Computer Wargame
Not awarded this year

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME
Not awarded this year.

= Awarded Best in that Category; when more than one is awarded in a category, the result was a statistical tie.

Board wargames published in 2008

bulletAcademy Games
bulletConflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! - Russia 1941-1942
bulletThe Swamp (expansion for Conflict of Heroes)
bulletAd Astra
bulletBirds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age
bulletSquadron Strike
bulletAgainst the Odds magazine (ATO)
bullet#21: Day of the Chariot: Kadesh/Desert Duel
bullet#22: Paukenschlag/The Winds of War
bullet#23: Guerra a Muerte
bullet2008 Annual: Operation Cartwheel/Gazala Line 1942
bulletShowtime Hanoi
bulletAirships (supplement for Zeppelins in the Great War at Sea Series)
bulletArctic Convoy (in the Second World War at Sea series)
bulletArctic Front Deluxe (revised supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletCampaigns & Commanders Book (expansion in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletCone of Fire ( (in the Second World Warand Great War at Sea series)
bulletElsenborn Ridge (in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletFirst Axis (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletIsland of Death: Invasion of Malta
bulletMarch on Leningrad (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletNavy Plan Crimson (in the Great War at Sea series)
bulletRed Russia
bulletRome at War: Hannibal at Bay
bulletRumors of War (expansion for Third Reich and Great Pacific War)
bulletWhite Eagles (supplement in the Panzer Grenadier series)
bulletBellica Third Generation
bulletTomb for an Empire (in the Age of Muskets series)
bulletCanons en Carton
bulletEpées et Croisade (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletRolica and Vimeiro 1808 (in the Jours de Gloire series)
bulletTsaritsyne 1919
bulletCausus Belli
bulletWalls of China
bulletClash of Arms
bulletMonmouth Courthouse
bulletCollins Epic Games
bulletFrontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction
bulletColumbia Games
bulletTexas Glory: 1835-36
bulletCommand Magazine Japan
bulletBattle of Changkufeng Hill 1938
bulletThe Story of Genghis' Conquest of the West
bulletStreet Fighting in Berlin
bulletTemujin's Battles
bulletCompass Games
bulletThe Price of Freedom
bulletSpanish Eagles
bulletCritical Hit
bullet101st Airborne At Brecourt Manor (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletAvanti Savoia (supplement in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletEscape From Chosin: Toktong 1950 (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletHurtgen Surprise (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletIvan's War (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletRed Christmas - The CSIR and the Moscow Counter Offensive (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletSpanish Fury - Hell on the Eastern Front (compatible with Advanced Squad Leader)
bulletStalingrad (2nd. ed., in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletSurprised Outside of Strass (supplement in the Advanced Tobruk series)
bulletDDH Games
bulletDecision Games
bulletChina: Middle Kingdom
bulletFlying Circus
bulletHighway to the Reich (rev. ed.)
bulletLightning Poland
bulletWar in the Pacific Extension Kit
bulletEspana 1936 (English reprint)

Barry Doyle
bulletValor and Victory

bulletErrata (fanzine)
bulletUsuthu! - Guerre Anglo-zoulou 1879
bulletMichael Erwin
bulletN30 (rev. ed.)
bulletKelly Everit
bulletImperial Ambitions (rev. ed.)
bulletFlavio Ezio
bulletHistoria Romana
bulletSiege of Alesia
bulletFiery Dragon
bulletArmy of Ireland
bulletC.S.A.: America's Civil War, 1861-1865
bulletKonarmiya 1920: Year of the Red Horde
bulletFirefight Games
bulletDeep into the Bekaa
bulletPanssarisottaa: The Battle of Tali-Ihantala, June 1944
bulletPare Los Facists!, The Battle for La Coruna Road
bulletSinyavino 1942
bulletTsaritsyn: Along the Volga June 1919
bulletZolfaqar's Blow
bulletGeneration X
bullet2 de Mayo
bulletGMT Games
bulletBarbarian (module for SPQR)
bulletBarbarossa: Kiev to Rostov (in the East Front series)
bulletBlackbeard (rev. ed.)
bulletChandragupta (in the Great Battles of History series)
bulletClash of Monarchs
bulletCombat Commander Battle Pack - Stalingrad
bulletCombat Commander: Pacific
bulletFast Action Battles: The Bulge
bulletFields of Fire
bulletThe Napoleonic Wars (2nd. ed.)
bulletPacific Typhoon
bulletPursuit of Glory: The Great War in the Near East
bulletSPQR Deluxe (reprint)
bulletSuccessors (3rd. ed.)
bulletUnhappy King Charles
bulletGrenier Games
bulletThe Pursuit of von Spee
bulletGuild of Blades
bulletSpanish Civil War (4th ed.)
bulletStalingrad (in the Empires of History series)
bulletChris Harding
bulletAlam Halfa
bulletAxis & Allies Anniversary Editions
bulletKhyber Pass Games
bullet László Á. Koller
bulletBaptism at Bull Run
bulletKurt Kempf
bulletThe Battle for Berlin
bulletL2 Design Group
bulletOperation Typhoon: Barbarossa Denied
bulletLock 'n Load Publishing
bulletCarolina Rebels (in the Flintlock series)
bulletCarolina Rebels (in the Flintlock series)
bulletThe Death of the 1st Panzer (expansion for Eisenbach Gap)
bulletLee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetary Ridge (rev. ed.)
bulletLock 'n Load: A Day of Heroes
bulletLock 'n Load: Dark July
bulletLost Battalion Games
bulletTyrants of Rome
bulletLudo (fanzine)
bullet#8: A Sangre e Fuego
bulletMinden Games
bulletGrand Fleet
bulletMadagascar 1942,
bulletAction Pack 4: Normandy 1944 (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletBurma (reprint, in the Operational Combat Series)
bulletThe Devils' Cauldron
bulletIwo Jima - Rage Against the Marines
bulletRock of the Marne (in the Standard Combat series)
bulletSingling (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletSouth Mountain (in the American Civil War Regimental Series)
bulletStorm Over Stalingrad
bulletValor of the Guards (in the Advanced Squad Leader series)
bulletWarriors of God
bulletNo Turkeys! (Valgame)
bullet#1: Caldiero 1796
bullet#2: Le Diable au Cor
bullet Panzer Digest (Minden Games)
bullet#3: Napoleon In Italy/Stalingrad: The Leather Factory
bullet#4: Gladiators Of Rome/Courage Under Fire
bullet#5: Thunder Gods/Breakout at St. Lo
bulletPratzen Editions
bulletLe Vol de L'Aigle II
bullet Felipe Santamaria
bulletEl Valle de la Muerte
bulletSchutze Games
bulletBaptism at Bardia
bulletIllusionary Fortress: Singapore 1942
bulletFirst Strike
bulletSimulations Journal / Game Journal Magazine
bulletTenka Fubu
bulletEl Eco de los Pasos
bulletSociety of Ancients
bulletGermania: Drusus' Campaigns 12-9 BC
bulletRoma Invicta
bulletStrategy and Tactics magazine (Decision Games)
bullet#248: First Blood: Second Marne, 15 July 1918
bullet#249: Forgotten Napoleonic Campaigns
bullet#250: Red Dragon Rising: The Coming War With China
bullet#251: Cobra
bullet#252: Civil War in the Far West: The New Mexico Campaign, 1862
bullet#253: Drive on Kursk: July 1943
bullet#254: Hannibal's War
bullet Strategos (Riachuelo Games)
bullet#3: A Batalha do Passo do Rosario
bullet#4: Polonia '39
bullet#5: Zumbi no meu Bolso
bulletTaktyka i Strategia
bullet#25: Chojnice 1454/Bagration 1944)
bullet#26: Albuera 1811
bullet#27: Inchon 1950/Plowce 1331
bulletKras'nik 1914
bulletPantery w akcji (Kaniów 1943)
bulletRed Thunderstorm (Budziszyn 1945)
bulletTCS (Roberto Chiavini)
bulletArsuf 1191
bulletBlonde He Was and Beautiful
bulletHopton vs Waller
bulletLake Peipus
bulletMaria Teresa
bulletMontrose Triumphs
bulletHistory of the Roman Empire
bulletVae Victis magazine
bullet#79: L'Aventure Mexicaine 1862-1867/Rorke's Drift 1879
bullet#80: Fight for Africa 1960-1980/Kolwezi 1978
bullet#81: Epées et hallebardes 1315-1476
bullet#82: Roumania 1944
bullet#83: Rioseco 1808/Somosierra 1808
bullet#84: La Fronde
bulletLe Chir, 8 Dec 1942
bulletMaleme, 20-23 May 1941
bulletBattles at Sea
bulletDan Verssen Games
bulletField Commander: Rommel
bulletModern Naval Battles: Global Warfare
bulletVictory Point Games
bulletAlbion 20
bulletAssault on Sevastopol
bulletAncient Battles Deluxe (rev. ed.)
bulletAncient Battles Deluxe 1: Elephants at War
bulletAncient Battles Deluxe 2: Hell's Horsemen
bulletBorodino 20
bulletCaesar XL
bulletCaesar XL Gold Expansion Kit
bulletCrisis 2020
bulletThe Drive on Metz (updated edition)
bulletFleets 2025: East China Sea
bulletIsraeli Independence
bulletIsraeli Independence Expansion Kit
bulletJena 20
bulletNo Retreat!
bulletPaul Koenig's D-Day: The American Beaches
bulletPaul Koenig's D-Day: The Canadian Beach
bulletSmolensk 20
bulletStrike Force One (updated edtion)
bulletWaterloo 20
bulletWorld at War magazine (Decision Games)
bullet#1: Barbarossa: The Russo-German War, 1941-45
bullet#2: Solomons Campaign
bullet#3; The Bulge
bulletWorthington Games
bulletHold the Line

Computer wargames published in 2008

  • Montjoie
  • Early American Wars : Mexican-American War
  • American Civil War : Antietam
  • Ancient Warfare : Gallic Wars
  • Squad Battles - Winter War
  • Origins of World War 2
  • Panzer Command : Kharkov
  • Clash of Steel II
  • Strategic Command 2 - Patton Drives East
  • HexKit
  • XIII Century
  • Gary Grigsby's War Between the States
  • Birth of America 2 - Wars in America
  • Kharkov : Disaster on the Donets
  • World War 2 - Road to Victory
  • Combat Mission : Shock Force - Marines Module
  • Commander : Napoleon at War
  • Ironclads : American Civil War
  • Close Combat : Wacht am Rhein
  • Squad Battles : The Spanish Civil War
  • Modern Air Power: Air War Over the Mideast
  • World War One : La Grande Guerre 14-18
  • World War II - General Commander - Operation : Watch on the Rhein
  • Strategic Command WWII - Pacific Theater
  • War Plan Pacific
  • Distant Guns : Jutland
  • 2008: That Was the Wargaming Year That Was!That 

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