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Game Business Classes

Common Resources

To learn more about the instructor (Mr. Emrich), you have a few options. Click here for biographical information. Click here to go to the RateMyProfessors. com web page where you can see what different students have said about his teaching at the Art Institute of California (Orange County chapter).

If you're serious about working in the game business then be sure to read the Game Career Information page. It contains many links that will help you get connected to the business and help you find your path to employment making games for a living. If you use it, you're chances of making it in the game business have just increased dramatically.

Just so you know I'm not making all this stuff up, I've included a linked Bibliography page. On it, you'll find the books that I have used to supplement the lesson material for a particular class and session. I've even included a mini-review (mostly written by yours truly) to focus in on the salient bits of each book.

If you want to know what I'm talking about when I use specialized game design / game industry words and phrases, then be sure to investigate the different glossaries I've created for you. These include the Project Management Glossary, Game Design Glossary, Practical Yiddish (you'll need this to survive in the entertainment industry where a lot of Yiddish is still spoken), Practical Latin (as my gift to you), and Editorial Latin (for your writing). It is important to know the vocabulary terms. The limits of your language are the limits of your world.

If your morale is suffering from school or working in the game industry, then be sure to investigate the Inspirational Quotations for Working in the Game Industry. I've always found it useful having a handy quote or turn of phrase for those situations I've found in the workplace, so I'm sharing my collection with you.

People keep asking me where I get my games. After all, we examine in the labs, play them at the game club meetings, not to mention before and after class. Well, I've written it down for you, click on Where I get My Games to find out.

If you just need a smile, check out The Top Ten Reasons to be a Game Designer.