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Dai Senso
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Here's where you find more information about the forthcoming "Pacific Totaler Krieg!" game, Dai Senso.

    We have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

Welcome to the home of the much discussed, much anticipated Dai Senso!.

At last, the popular Totaler Krieg system travels to the Pacific! Dai Senso is the long-awaited game on the war against Japan Ė it can be linked with Totaler Krieg: Axis Empires to play out all of World War II, from the 1937 China Incident to the 1945 A-bombs ... and even beyond.

Dai Senso also takes a very different look at the Pacific Theater. Other games focus on the warís air-naval operations from 1941 on. In the Krieg system, those battles are handled abstractly, which leaves Dai Senso free to be a true strategic game that focuses on the decisions Japan made and didnít make. What if the 1937 China Incident hadnít become a full-scale war? What if Japan renewed its treaty with Britain? What if the 1939 border clashes with Russia had led to war instead? What if the war in Europe had unfolded differently? Now you can explore all of these questions and more.