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Game Design Graduation Requirements

An 'Exit Strategy' for the Game Art & Design Program

at The Art Institute of California: Orange County

by Alan Emrich


Students desiring to graduate from the Game Art & Design Program as Game Designers will want to look at the following materials:

1. Graduation Requirements Checklist: Specific 'big picture' listing of what Game Designers need to graduate (in addition to the common graduation requirements of a business card, web site, etc.)


2. Game Design Binder Checklist: Arranging your Game Design Portfolio work.


3. Game Design Senior Project Plan: A three quarter long project plan for accomplishing these requirements in time for graduation.

Article: Entry-Level Video Game Designers  by Jill Duffy

Can you get an entry-level job as a game designer? For all you aspiring video game creators who have been told you need to break into the industry elsewhere before stepping into the design department, read on...


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