A House Divided

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All three editions' boxes for A House Divided.Pictured to the right are the boxes to the three editions of A House Divided. Above is the 3rd edition from Phalanx. Below, left to right, are the 2nd and 1st editions, published by Game Designer's Workshop.

You have two ways to go from here. As the point man for the 2nd edition of the game, you can click here to find out all I have to say about that.

Of more interest these days might be the additions and clarifications I've made for the 3rd edition of the game. You can click here to find that page and learn what this old developer has in store for this latest edition of one of his favorite games.

The U.S. importers of the current version, Avalanche Press, have an informative article on the game if you're looking for descriptive information about A House Divided.