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The buttons above constitute "the show," plus the little bit of text at the bottom of this page. Here's what you'll find attached to each button:

Totaler Krieg! Definately my favorite strategy game.This game is my magnum opus. I've been working on new editions, variants, articles, etc. for this game since 1994 and continue to do so to this day. Quite simply, I've dedicated a portion of my life to making the board wargame I always wanted and this web site is my shrine to it. You can get there either by clicking on the box cover or the second button at the top.

Three editions of A HOUSE DIVIDED boxes.The third button provides my additional two cents regarding A House Divided. I did the additional design work for the 2nd edition of the game, and have added some player aid sheets and additional optional rules for both it and the 3rd edition of the game (a beautiful 'Euro' version of this classic published in 2002 by Phalanx).

The classic card game box cover.The fifth button takes you to my Modern Naval Battles Card Game archives. This is another game that I developed and co-designed along with Dan Verssen and Rodger B. MacGowan. Although the boxed game version is out-of-print, there is good news. Dan, Rodger, and I have agreed to put the game up on the internet as a free download in a 'cleaned up' version dubbed Cold War Naval Battles. That's right, this classic is now be your for downloading, printing, and playing. Enjoy!

Cosmic Encounter: perhaps the best game ever made.I've written an opus on strategy for the Hasbro edition of Cosmic Encounter that includes a section of fascinating game trivia.

Oh, and I just found where a 10-player Junta variant I wrote for The V.I.P. of Gaming magazine has been posted on the internet. To read it, click here.

Tomorrow the World is just a board game that I really enjoyed. Enough so that I did an article with variants on it, posted here for your gaming pleasure.

And, yes, I was the guy who originally conceived Interplay's Star Trek: Starfleet Command computer game. Combining Star Fleet Battles with a computer game and creating a random campaign game generator (as I did in Totaler Krieg!) were my ideas and I was the producer who launched this project before being laid off from Interplay. Don't believe me? Click here.

Armada 2525

I acquired a "final" build of Armada 2525 from the designer, R. T. Smith, while I was working on an article about this game for Computer Gaming World magazine in 1991. Interstel, the publisher, never got this patch out before their company collapsed. If you already have a game, click here for a .zip file containing the revised executable program (and just the revised executable program -- not the entire program; don't even go there). I can't remember what it "fixes" anymore (but there are several little tweaks that experienced players will notice)