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Over the years, I've written innumerable articles. Many of them have been lost in the pre-word processor days of yore, but some of the more recent material has survived and is archived here. I found a cache of columns, for instance, that I wrote for a British computer game magazine around the turn of the millennium.

Presently, my life's concern is being a teacher. This is quite important to me, and so my first few article reflect upon What Teachers Make and that I am a Teacher.

Civilization or Rome on 640K a DayThe first game-related button takes you to an article I wrote on the decline of "official" computer game strategy guides. I used to write a lot of these strategy guides (Civilization, Master of Orion, Master of Magic, et al), but I don't bother any more. If you want to know why, press the Decline of Guides button. I do, however, still write guest columns from time to time. One of the best received is my Top 10 Reasons to Become a Game Designer.

If you want to know what your fantastic game idea value is worth, you can read all about it. The next button is all about the word "Grognard." I am one, you see. It's a fascinating word and many grognards (hard core wargamers) don't even know how that word entered the vernacular.

The rest are short columns I've written and kept around. Breaking into the Biz is all about getting into the computer game industry. Art, Craft, & Science looks at how game designs are created. Why I Make Games and Who Makes Games are a couple of sociological studies, the latter being introspective and the former written as a long-time observer of human nature. Moral Justification is all about what you can say to someone in a multiplayer diplomatic game after you have stuck the knife deeply into someone's back (having heard these excuses a lot from other player's to whom I've fallen victim, I decided to keep a record of their excuses).