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10 Latest EdTech Gadgets To Change Learning Method

EdTech gadgets mean technological gadgets which are associated with education. It’s true that technology is a part and parcel of our daily life.

The concept of “classroom” is changing.  As we all know, a classroom is already comprised of modern technological gadgets. These gadgets help to transform the classroom environment completely.

With the help of these gadgets, the education system becomes more simplifying. It is no longer a boring classroom.

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the best 10 EdTech gadgets which are really helpful in transforming the learning process.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple is one of the best brands to provide us with tech-tools. Similarly, iPad Pro is a tool, which is a master to drag the attention of the students. It comprises the feelings of touch, sound, and, motion.

With the help of this gadget, students can explore the area of knowledge and code their curriculum too.

Initially, Apple came with Apple TV and Mac. But, the present version proves to be more efficient and feature-packed.

Apple knows how to utilize the power of technology. Teachers can take the help of iPad Pro to teach their students in an innovative way.

Arduino Kits

It is made with an automatic sensor chip. It contains easy software and hardware. So, with the aid of this kit, students can construct and work with any gadget. Arduino offers various kits for the young engineers. Some of them are-‘Makeblock Educational starter Robot Build Kit’, ‘Makeblock mBot Educational Robot Kit for Kids’, ‘Arduino Ultimate Uno Starter ‘, ‘ArcBtics Sparky’, ‘The Arduino Starter Kit’ etc. So, it’s a new technology you can use in your classroom.

EdTech Gadgets

3D Printer

3D Printer enables us to get the three-dimensional image of an object. It finds its usage in the field of fashion, footwear designing, architecture etc.

Additionally, we can see this machine in many classrooms too. With the help of this tool, students are able to understand the diagrams of specific subjects. It smoothes the learning process further.

Using 3D Printer is really advantageous. It promotes the creativity, interactivity, and invests in the engagement of the students.

E-book Readers

An e-book is the new emerging trend of this generation. E-book means electronic books through which you can read all the books of your syllabus. Moreover, you just need to download the books from specific websites and enjoy the reading.

It is very cost-effective and comforting too. There is no need for students to carry the heavy books in their bag. It is very portable.

Students can install a number of books within a single device. So, with the help of e-books, you can make your own library too. It induces more life in the learning process.

GoPro Camera

With the help of this camera, you can record the class behavior, guidance for the specific subjects, lab presentation etc.

It enhances the learning relationship between a teacher and a student by smoothening the teaching process. So, we can say that the GoPro Camera is can be an excellent choice for the classroom.

iPhone and iPad Projector

iPad Projector

The projector is very common in the classroom. More or less every classroom has a projector. But, move with your projector is a unique concept.

iPhone and iPad Projector bring this innovation. This projector weighs just 1.8 pounds. So, it is very portable to move anywhere.

Oculus Rift

This technology helps you not only in learning a particular concept but also you can feel it.

For eg, Oculus Rift co-operates to build an architectural model as well as to make you feel that you are in that spot too. This is the asset of this technology.

Apart from that, it uses in other subjects also, like-history, natural science etc. So, Oculus Rift helps you to experience a specific context psychologically. It is really good for keeping the attention of the students.

Smart Boards

EdTech Gadgets

Smart Board is another most used gadget in the present scenario. It’s a smart whiteboard. It enhances the interactivity among the students.

Also, it helps to stop the class from being boring. Additionally, it enables a touchpad to move the content over the smart board. Usually, a digital projector connects to the board to operate it.

In this board, you can write a text, edit your writing, and explain using a typical whiteboard technology. You can also convert a note into a text and save it to guide your students in a more convenient manner. So, this technology helps to boost up the participation of students in an effective way.


The smart marker is a small and handy tool.  With this marker, you can write anywhere and take a snapshot of the same.

You can share it with your students very easily.  This device is accessible with Dropbox and cloud too. With this marker, you can arrange your notes in a very systematic manner.

Additionally, Smart Marker has a capturing capacity of  10,000 pages. You can charge it very easily. Moreover, it can work for 8 hours continuously. It is portable and highly energy efficient.

Steam Kits

The steam kit is all in one box. There are 26 kinds of kits avail in the market. Each kit provides with DVDs, guidebooks, and with other necessary tools.

Apart from this, it is appropriate for any subject, like math, science, engineering, arts, designing etc. This kit is fantastic and flexible to learn for all generations. It induces group motive and self-confidence too.

So, these are the top 10 gadgets you can implement in your classroom and make the classroom vibrant and full of life.